Changes & Updates


Social distancing is in full effect! Please keep your distance from everyone on set and be aware of your surroundings at all times. We understand that some roles require a closer distance, and we actively encourage those to wear PPE at all times. Studio by House will have hand sanitizer available on location and cleaning products at all work stations. However, PPE is the renters and their clients responsibility. 


The studios point of contact will be the person who booked the space. Further contact tracing of everyone on set is the responsibility of the person who books the studio.


The common area is closed for eating and congregating. Food and drink must be contained within the Studio and no shareable items are permitted - pizza, pastries and communal coffee are NOT allowed. Individual packed food is allowed. Coffee, tea and bottle water service is suspended until further notice. All kitchen appliances are unavailable for use until further notice.


Max group sizes in studio: 8 people. For Hair & Makeup - only ONE model allowed at the makeup station at a time in order to keep proper social distancing and sanitation. NO FOOD AND DRINK allowed at the station and ESSENTIAL TOOLS ONLY. 


Due to the need for sanitizing, we cannot guarantee the availability of overtime, so please plan accordingly.


Equipment rentals will still be available day of, but paper selection cannot be changed day of.