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Established in 2014, Studio By House has been providing the Toronto area with large, well equipped and versatile studios that blend a fully functioning studio environment with custom one of a kind sets. This allows us to meet all the needs of working professionals and creatives that want to take their work to the next level.  By keeping our sets large and focusing on the details, each studio feels like an authentic environment that offers unlimited creative possibilities.


Our studios are also set up for both natural light and artificial light. Each studio has large windows that fill the space with ample sun light. We also offer both strobe and constant lights, as well as blackout curtains in all our spaces to cover the needs of every production. We have a huge selection of light modifiers, over 50 colors of seamless paper, tons of grip gear, and other essentials so you can fully express your creative ideas.


Additionally, comfort is also a top priority at Studio By House, making sure your clients have all the amenities they need for a smooth production. Our studios are fully sound deadened and completely private. Each space has its own dedicated heating and cooling system, as well as music playing through a Premium Spotify. We have commercial size washrooms, ground floor access, tons of free parking, and are wheelchair accessible. And if you need a bit of extra energy, we even have coffee for you in the front lobby.


Take a look through the different studios we offer below to see what each space has to offer in greater detail, and we hope it will inspire you for your next creative project!

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